About Us

Gemtasia's buyers have been traveling the world to source high quality jewelry for over a decade. It started as a labor of love; purchasing semi-precious gems and silver beads, designing jewelry and then selling the handmade creations at events for charitable organizations. Over time, we cultivated relationships with jewelry producers overseas, particularly in Bali, Indonesia. Besides its well deserved reputation for superior craftsmanship, Bali is a beautiful country to visit and the people are very friendly

As sales increased, we gravitated toward purchasing prefabricated jewelry from Bali and elsewhere in Asia. The jewelry (and reasonable pricing) proved very popular, but we only sold our wares during predetermined sales events at select locations across the US. Attendees frequently asked if they could purchase our jewelry online, and so the inspiration for this website was formed.

Now consumers can now access the same gorgeous jewelry, sourced in exotic locations across the globe, right from the comfort of home. We purchase limited quantities of high quality jewelry from our sources and pass the savings along to you. Thank you for your visit, and please let us know how we can be of further assistance.